Personal Protection

Personal Protection Code Of Conduct

Code Of Conduct For Adults
Adults in the Little Athletics Association of NSW Inc:
Respect the dignity of themselves and others.
Demonstrate a high degree of individual responsibility, recognising that at all times their
words and actions are an example to both adult and child members of the Association.
Do not use the association to promote their own beliefs, behaviours or practices,
where these are not compatible with the Association policies.
Act with consideration and good judgement in all interpersonal relationships.
Avoid unaccompanied and unobserved activities with child members, wherever
For their own protection, should avoid potentially comprising situations by ensuring,
where reasonably possible, that at least two adults are in attendance whilst
supervising and / or accompanying child members. It is recognised that in certain
circumstances it may be necessary for an adult, whilst acting responsibly and
exercising their "duty of care" to be alone with a child member.
Accept that bullying, physical or verbal abuse, neglect or any other type of abuse is
unacceptable conduct by any adult.

Adult Member Responsibilities
Adult members of the Little Athletics Association of New South Wales Inc are responsible for:
Working as a team to ensure the safety of child members in their care.
Using appropriate child behaviour management.
Believing and responding to child members' statements concerning alleged abuse.
Ensuring the rights and responsibilities of child members are enforced.
Reporting suspicions of child abuse to the CEO of the Association or Delegate.
Only disclosing sensitive information to appropriate authorities &/or designated Officers
of the Association, on a "need to know" basis.

Child members Responsibilities
Child members of the Little Athletic Association of NSW Inc are responsible for:
Showing respect to other child members.
Showing respect to adult members.
Keeping themselves safe.
Accurately reporting inappropriate behaviour or at risk situations for child members