Competition Code of Conduct

Competition Code Of Conduct

For Athletes:
Be a good sport.
Compete for enjoyment.
Work hard for your club as well as yourself.
Treat all club members and opponents as you enjoy being treated.
Compete by the rules.
Co-operate with club and carnival officials.
Control your behaviour on and off the track / field.
Learn to value honest effort, skilled performance and improvement.

For Officials and Coaches:
Set a good example for athletes.
Encourage and create opportunities to develop individual skills.
Teach a wide range of skills.
Ensure that the training is appropriate for the age group and the skill development level
of the athletes involved.
Teach the athletes to be friendly towards officials and opponents.
Give all athletes a chance to participate in training and coaching sessions.
Remove from the track / field any athlete whose behaviour is not acceptable.
Keep your own knowledge up to date.

For Parents:
Encourage participation by your children.
Provide a model of good sportsmanship for your child to copy.
Be courteous in your communication with athletes, coaches, officials and
Make any new parents feel welcome on all occasions.

For Spectators:
Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour.
Remember athletes are there for enjoyment.
Don't let your behaviour detract from their enjoyment.
Let officials conduct events without interference.
Support skilled performances and achievement with generous applause.
Demonstrate respect for all athletes and their supporters.